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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 201: Relaxing

July 20
We spent the day at the lake with our friends, chilling on the beach, swimming a little bit, and trying out paddle boards.  And we did all of it with good friends and no children!  It has been a very relaxing vacation.

Day 200: Back to Bloomington

July 19
We returned to Bloomington Lake with our friends, and this time I braved the rope swing!  We also hiked partway around the lake and then swam over to the low cliffs you can see in the bottom right corner of this picture.  I won't say how long it took me to actually jump from there into the lake, but it's clear that if all my friends jumped off a cliff, I would at least think twice.  My mother would be proud.

Day 199: Peace

July 18
Everyone has gone home, including the girls, who are staying at Grandma's house for a few days, and Chris & I are alone at the cabin, enjoying the silence and tranquility until our friends arrive for a kid-free weekend.

Day 198: Bloomington Lake

July 17
We came to this spot a few years ago.  Here's Uncle Britton again, jumping from the rope swing.  The most notable difference between this time and last time is that there is no snow on the mountains, so the water was much warmer.  It was a beautiful day, and not only did Uncle Britton jump, but also the rest of Chris's brothers, his brother-in-law, and his sister.  Everyone wore swimsuits this time, though, since his dad vetoed the underwear jumping.

Day 197: Nathan Has a Shovel

July 16
Today was spent at the beach.  Bear Lake is usually pretty crowded in July, but the clouds and the fact that it was a Tuesday kept most of the crowds away, and we had this little stretch of sand pretty much all to ourselves.  The girls played in the water, rode on the boat, drove the waverunners, and attempted to waterski, and our nephew Nathan had the time of his life playing in the sand.

Day 196: Slippin' and Slidin'

July 15
We spent our first full day at the cabin relaxing, playing, and just having fun with all of Chris's family.  All the kids (and one or two of the adults) had a blast on the slip'n'slide, but Ellie kept it up the longest.

Day 195: Sister, Daughter, Mother

July 14
I'm incredibly blessed and proud to be related to these three amazing women.  Also, my daughter should not be nearly as tall as her aunt and grandmother!

Day 194: Kiss the Bride

July 13
Chris's youngest brother, Scotty, got married today.  We're excited for him and his new wife, Vickie, and her - and now his - little girl Izzy.

Day 193: Derpy Alpaca

July 12
We're off to Utah!  We made a pit stop at "The Middle of Nowhere" in Idaho, where the bathrooms were, unfortunately, out of order, but the resident alpaca was happy to pose for goofy pictures.

Day 192: Level Pro

July 11
Lexi passed level 10 in swimming lessons today, meaning she has now learned all the have to offer at our local pool and they proclaimed her officially in "level pro".  She's pretty proud of herself, especially since she started the summer in level 7 and only had two and a half weeks of lessons this time around!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 191: Blueberry Syrup

July 10
My friends Rachel and Donna and I got together to make syrup with the berries we picked last week.  This may become a tradition!

Day 190: Waiting

July 9
Vicki broke her finger the day before we left for Seattle, but I didn't believe her until we were already in Seattle.  The doctor we saw there wanted us to get it checked out again in a couple of weeks, so here we are.  As you can see, it was some great mother-daughter bonding time.

Day 189: Bummer

July 8
I have no pictures from today.

Day 188: Sunset

July 7
Another view on my run.

Day 187: Big Yellow Sun

July 6
Another from the school garden.